Creative Technology Is...




It surprises and captivates. It’s multisensory. It can make complex subjects easily understandable, or even transform your mindset. It draws you in, making you an active participant – you become a part of the whole.

It creates experiences that people remember.

Our Mission

At Mersiva, we believe that everyone should have access to the experiences made possible by immersive art & tech. Our mission is to make this exciting frontier accessible and affordable for startups, small businesses, and private consumers.

From our founder

“I understand the frustration people feel when they have a creative vision but aren’t equipped with the right tools or skills to make it a reality.

And after years working in a large experiential agency, I saw firsthand how crazy the prices were. These services were totally out of reach for many small businesses and private consumers.

With Mersiva, we set out to change that.”
– Nur Akmal, Partner


Our Team

Our talented team includes programmers, designers, and artists. Each person who works on a project is treated as a partner, which fuels creative expression and collaboration. We have no boardroom full of suits to pay, which means we’re able to compensate our team fairly and keep prices affordable for our customers.

Our Core Values


We’re flexible and adaptive- always experimenting. We love a challenge, and we thrive on finding new, innovative ways to help you achieve your goals.


If it “works” but isn’t aesthetically aligned with the vision, then we’re not done yet! We aim to create a final product that’s both functional and beautiful.


We’re committed to affordable prices because we believe you shouldn’t have to spend a fortune to harness the power of remarkable experiences.


Our unique company structure means we can price our services fairly, but we never – never! -compromise on quality. We always aim for the “Wow!”

Do we sound like a good match?

Tell us a bit about your ideas and your goals, and we’ll let you know how Mersiva can help.

Contact Info:

Address: 100 Peck Seah Street, PS100 #08-14 Singapore 079333